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Hi, my name is Lindsey.

I love to create digital designs and manipulate reality in my own world of motion graphics.

From concept to execution, I utilize my background in multiple creative fields to bring visions to life. I live in the adobe creative suite, their programs are second nature to me, and my diverse work experience has shaped me into an extremely well-rounded designer.







Through a very diverse work history, I have become a well rounded digital designer that is proficient in multiple fields and forms of media. I take pride in the work I’ve created for agencies, small companies, start-ups, Reg A+ offerings, ranging from healthcare to movie productions, both sides of politics, blockchain and cryptocurrency.

With this experience, I have learned that I thrive working on a variety of projects that utilize all of my skills and I am eager to solve problems with my creativity. My skillset ranges from graphic design, web development, and motion graphics for marketing online and in the digital space. With a solid focus on social media content, advertisements, and branded designs to generate new leads and conversions.


If you want to get me started down a rabbit hole, let’s talk motion graphics. I live for combining my talents in video editing, title design, compositing, and 3D animation to bring abstract visions into reality. Producing everything from short, effects-heavy clips, to entire product overviews, from my dual-screen command station.

My personal dream is to seamlessly combine my love for VFX and 3D, with my love for music. With my extensive background in music since I was young, and my personal journey learning how to conquer 3D projection mapping, I have an ambitious objective for an immersive experience that I fully intend on bringing to fruition, even if it is a life-long process.

In my spare time, I have a relentless need to snowboard, I’ll look for any reason to hit the slopes, and constantly encourage my friends to join me. Even though I am based out of San Diego. Thankfully, SoCal really does have it all. My other passion is a jet black ’65 Mustang with firey red leather seats that reminds me of a simpler time and allows me to think I have a small amount of skill as an auto-mechanic. Since nowadays, our cars are also computers.

An expert doesn’t know everything in their field, but they do know what to LEARN next and how to do so.

This quote has always resonated with me, especially considering that this creative field is so closely tied to new innovations in technology. Personally, I find this exhilarating! It means there are always new possibilities on the horizon and as designers we are only limited by our personal constraints really. Even if the idea you have in mind seems far fetched or outlandish the reality is we can be the ones to break those barriers if we put our minds together and keep learning.









I guarantee every project I have a part in gets the utmost attention to detail and execution. My primary goal is to flood the world with exceptional design in every medium of digital content.
Motion Graphics
I love the challenge of creating a seamless flow from stationary objects. Anything from logos to title cards, adding movement creates a powerful statement for your brand or message. I can add animated statistics on-top of your business’ explanation video, or I can create an entire animated series highlighting the products or message you need to convey.
If you already have the perfect shot, but it’s missing more practical effects, I’ve got you covered! Adding realistic elements to footage can take an iPhone video and make it look like an A-list hit. I have an extensive library of resources and plug-ins that can create the awe-inspiring effects you imagined when you started the project. 
3D Animation
This can cover a wide variety of concepts, but by far one of my favorite and most common requests are for 3D logo animations. This is usually geared towards my friends and colleagues in the film or music industry but is not limited to them. It creates an extremely tactile and cinematic experience for viewers making your brand a memorable one.
Graphic Design
Creating flyers for events, editing photos from the family reunion, or creating a template for a re-usable pamphlet all fall into this realm. I can quickly manipulate reality and provide various outputs depending on it’s intended use. This is great for optimizing your website if it seems to be running slow, or even creating captivating new images for your business’ social media pages.
Websites and applications are a staple of life now, with many people depending on and frequenting dozens of different apps a day. It’s extremely important to know your user and make the experience as straightforward and enjoyable as possible. Understanding each step of the process is vital too, starting with wireframes and basic functionality and then graduating to functional prototypes and design iterations. 
Front-End Web
Understanding web languages has become a staple of my skill-set. WordPress is second nature to me now and I can customize themes to suite any need. I am fluent in HTML and CSS, with a basic understanding of JQuery and Javascript. If you need help with a new theme you recently purchased, I can definitely help you get it up and running. So you focus on the business side and not get frustrated with the technicalities.



Have any questions about my work or the scope of a new project? Feel free to reach out to me!


San Diego, CA


I am always looking to work with talented individuals in various fields. If you have a unique idea that could benefit from my skill-set, I’d love to hear about it!

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