Care Experience

_ Project Outline

Over the last few years, I have worked with CareExperience while they have developed an application designed to streamline the process of doing rounds for nurses. It has been such a rewarding process to work on a product that makes their lives easier and gives them access to powerful analytics they can use to improve services and save time.

I’ve created new mockups to update the user interface of their application, making it feel more modern and implementing changes based upon the feedback from nurses.

_ Date

Spring 2018


The primary objective of this website was to complete my personal branding and online presence. My logo and brand have been changing constantly for years until I finally felt like it all came together for this website. I worked hard to ensure all the details were coherent with everything that I’ve built my brand around and I feel like this website embodies it really well.


Today, a majority of web traffic is from mobile devices, so it is imperative that a website be responsive in design. The UX/UI needs to be customized for every screen resolution a user may have. That was the first thing I looked for in a theme, and I am excited to be able to showcase my portfolio easily from my phone the next time I’m on set or at a networking event.


WordPress is the back-bone of hundreds of thousands of websites, and it’s easy to see why! Customizing this theme has given me the utmost control over the aspects that reflect my branding but also gave me this extremely complete frame work to start out with. I’m excited to add additional functionality to my site as I further my business and my brand!

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