High Times Investor Website

_ The Project

When I joined forces with High Times they were about to launch their investment website for a crowdfunding campaign before going public towards the end of the year. Their site had all of the basic functionality it required but needed a lot of attention on the user interface and design. I was tasked with creating mockups for entire new sections and content, some of which required additional functionality as well. While giving the site a fresh makeover I also assisted with its development, utilizing front-end languages, and digging into some back-end ones as well.

_ The Outcome

By the end of the campaign, the site had hundreds of thousands of visitors and brought in millions of dollars worth of investments. As a team, we split test dozens of images, CTAs, colors, and videos to make sure we produced the best possible version of the website. While there were many hurdles along the way, the final rendition of the site was performing exceptionally with a great conversion rate and raising plenty of money. The page itself and most of the graphics will continue to live online after the launch of the IPO for social media and to provide information on the company.

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